MORE than just information. This course is full of content, but designed to provide you a game plan that will turn INFORMATION into TRANSFORMATION!

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It starts with 3 Simple steps…

  • You fill out the assessment

  • Using the assessment, we help you create a personalized game plan to put our 10 hours of content into action

  • Join the Facebook Community and get supported by us throughout your parenting journey

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We can impact your parenting, this course comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee ~ NO questions asked.


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We designed this course to give you way more than just information…

It’s all about impacting your parenting and allowing you to raise kids that THRIVE in school… Regardless of home school, public school, or private school.

Here's What You're Getting When You Purchase RAISING KIDS THAT THRIVE IN SCHOOL Today...

  • Assessment & Game plan

    It all starts with an assessment designed to give you a snapshot of your family. Using the assessment and suggestions from us (if you want), you’ll use our Game Plan Worksheet to create your personalized game plan.

  • Going Public~Your Child Can Thrive in Public School

    A signed copy of our book “Going Public ~ Your Child Can Thrive in Public School” along with 14 videos to augment each chapter of the book.

  • Enrichment Videos

    5 Enrichment Videos focused on your child and school. We cover topics like Bullying, Discipline, Paying for college and more..


Look What Else you Get!

  • 5 Days to Effective Parenting

    This five part video series includes:

    • Who do you want walking out your door at 18?
    • The Three Most Important Things to Teach Your Child
    • Discipline That’s Effective and Grows Your Relationship
    • Raising Siblings That Get Along
    • 5 Parenting Hacks…and more
  • How to Raise Successful Kids

    This three part video series includes:

    • The single biggest indicator of your child’s future success
    • What parents do that undermines that success
    • 5 cultural shifts that have impacted our parenting
    • … and more
  • Parenting Community

    As you put your personalized game plan into action, your closed Facebook group will be there to offer encouragement and suggestions. Also, for the first 90 days, we’ll be participating daily to offer feedback. We’ll do a weekly “Facebook Live” in the group to address some of the common issues our community is facing.

Basic Level
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    Assessment & Game

    Game Plan worksheet

    Going Public - the book

    Going Public - Video series

    5 Enrichment Videos

    5 Days to Effective Parenting

    How to Raise Successful Kids

    Membership - Axis Parenting Community

    box30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    100% Secure Checkout

    * 30 minute calls with the Pritchards in addition to the Game Plan call
    + Reasonable email accessibility for 90 days

    Think about what it would cost to get all of this separately – hundreds of dollars.

    Private mentoring would be hundreds per hour.

     You get all of this for Only $97 

    YES! Give Me Access to the Course

    Here’s what some are saying about the Pritchards:

    Jodi Durr Jodi Durr,

    Parenting has been more of a challenge for me than I imagined. I am so grateful for mentors like the Pritchards who have given me the tools to do this job better. Their Biblical teaching and wise guidance in both parenting and marriage have impacted my life more than you can imagine. They have been pivotal in helping me find purpose and direction in my parenting.

    Dr. Don & Renee Worcester Dr. Don & Renee Worcester

    “The Pritchards are amazing. They are our go to couple when it comes to parenting.”

    Here’s what readers have said about their book: Going Public

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU David and Kelli Pritchard for this book. I believe God is bigger than public education, what we (as parents) teach our children is the most important thing, and that our children CAN thrive in public school.

    Finn Laursen, Executive director, Christian Educators Association International

    "Using biblical truths and practical examples, David and Kelli Pritchard have succeeded in writing a "how to" book about thriving in public schools - a must read"

    The composure and poise that Tavita Pritchard (son) showed when he was thrust into the national spotlight is the type of character quality that takes a lifetime of parenting to produce. I highly recommend this book and the message that the Pritchards have on parenting.

    Reading through this book, I received MUCH more than advice on how to help my children survive in public schools. The Pritchards give biblical counsel, practical tips, and helpful "catch phrases" on how to train children FROM INFANCY ON into strong, godly, healthy adults.

    I'd highly recommend this book to any parent, especially those whose making fear-based decisions rather than faith-based. Once the fear is removed, practical biblical principals are offered to apply to your family. These tools are excellent and I will definitely use them! Many highlighted parts that I will turn back to for sure!

    Thank you David and Kelli Pritchard for sharing your experiences and giving a great example of how you faithfully trained your children through the public school system. The price of the book is pennies compared to the fruit that this book can offer.

    As the Pritchards are essentially dealing with character development, this book would be useful for ANY Christian parent-- regardless of the school system they choose!! I highly recommend this book and consider it an invaluable parenting resource.

    Meet the Pritchards

    David and Kelli

    David & Kelli Pritchard are authors and co-founders of Axis Ministries. Their mission is to create products and resources for people who desperately want the marriage and family they dreamed of having. By helping people deal with the challenges and struggles of marriage and parenting, they are able to more fully enjoy the ones they love.

    David & Kelli have over fifty years of ministry experience. In addition they’ve taught and coached thousands of couples and parents to experience the wonder of family. They are successful parents of eleven children, including three adopted kids. And because they’ve survived the storms of bad decisions and challenging kids, they understand the struggles and sometimes heartache of parenting.

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